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Hey good friends! Some great news! Any Colorado Biker with any miles on him or her remembers the great iconic SUSIE'S in golden Colorado. It has gone through many changes in the last many years -- none ever able to match the magic that was SUSIE'S -- but, I am happy to share with you some great news! It has re-opened with new owners who understand and respect the history, vibe, and character of this venue. They spruced it up a bit, gave it a fresh coat of paint, fixed or replaced what was broken, pitched out what was crap or unnecessary, brought in some incredible staff who all know what they're doing -- they brought it back  it to life -- and they named their creation DIRTY DOGS ROADHOUSE.  Yeah, NICE!


I have been invited to play a roll in the revival, and I could not be more honored. I have been asked to perform every Thursday night from 6 to 10 pm beginning October 26th. We will adjust the calendar, I'm sure, as time goes on -- special events could put me there on different days as well as Thursdays. Anything I can do to for Mark and Rob -- hell, great folks always get my service and attention. I am thrilled to be along for the ride! What great news!!!"