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May 7, 2019
(Photo: Mike Kuhl)

Hey good friends!

 I hope this finds you all well and happy!

 Lots going on -- Let's get started ...........

  I have been asked to perform at a new venue in Historic Downtown Littleton called THE GRANDE STATION. It has seen some changes over the last few years with different owners and different concepts (I remember it best as DELIZIO'S), and the new owners have made it into a very comfortable, casual place, with good food and drink. I think you will not be disappointed. I will be there on a regular basis -- they have music scheduled for every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. I will be the Tuesday act beginning May 21st. Hope to see y'all soon!

  Thanks to all at DIRTY DOGS for all the continued support. My regular Thursdays there have been wonderful, and the opportunity to bring in the electric band from time to time -- well, I'm honored to be a part of what's being built there. The construction and renovation continues with the addition of the RIDER JUSTICE STAGE -- a showcase stage where many national acts will be performing this summer. Check this out!!!! It's ROCKIN'!!

 .........................on that note ............  I have been invited to be one of the opening acts at DIRTY DOGS ROADHOUSE for the annual MEMORIAL DAY BASH on Sunday, May 26th! This is an all-day event beginning at 7 a.m. with breakfast available followed by ....... here's the lineup ...... I will be joined by good friend TONY ROSARIO on stage at 9:00 a.m. After our set you will be treated to MANXOME FOE, and then BAND OF BROTHERS. Then the headliner will take the stage ......... the great MOLLY HATCHET!!! It will be a memorable day! Tickets are available on the DIRTY DOGS website, or just stop on by. Can't wait!

  Relating to that and on a sad note .... I was given the news that, just a few days ago, the great PHIL McCORMACK -- Lead singer for MOLLY HATCHET -- had passed. Our prayers go out to bandmates and family. He will be greatly missed. ............... but, as they say, the show must go on .... M.H. will not cancel. They truly are amazing.

  Another sad note ......... (God, the pendulum doth swing ...) my good friend, fellow musician, comedian, acclaimed motorcycle journalist, and all around mover & shaker, BEAU PACHECO contacted me the other day with more sad news ... the iconic motorcycle builder, fabricator, and custom designer, ARLEN NESS passed away last month. The industry lost another pioneer in this field. We are saddened by this loss.

     ...........Ok, .....no more sad stuff .............

  Thanks to all the support from everyone at MISFITS in Lakewood Colo. We performed there April 19th and had a BALL! We will return on Friday, June 7th.Gary and staff have put together a great rockin' venue with many great acts. It's a pleasure to play there, and we have more dates booked. Check out their schedule to see what's brewin'!! This place ROCKS!

  We're looking forward to the annual HISTORIC DOWNTOWN LITTLETON BLOCK PARTY on Saturday, June 8th. We will be on stage from 6 to 11 p.m. There are, as you know, many stages with many acts booked all throughout Downtown Littleton, along with vendors of commemoratives, food and drink, -- it's a festival atmosphere. A great time for certain! Don't miss it!

  Thanks to Eric, Rogette, and all the staff and patrons at the CROSSROADS at Pine Junction. What a cool place! Love to play there, whether it's solo, with the band, or with my old pal the "Heavy Man"! In my humble opinion, the best wings I ever had. Check out the cajun rub -- I'm addicted!

  I'm headed back to the TAKOTA TAVERN in Parker, Colorado on Sunday, June 30th from 2 to 6 p.m. I don't get to play there nearly as much as I'd like, so it's a special treat to return. Great folks, great food, and a great motorcycle stop on your next run. Check 'em out! Always a great time.

  More to come! Check the schedule from time to time -- this summer is filling up FAST It promises to be a great season! As always, thank you for your continued support --- you are the best!

Dave "Greywolf" Frisk

 Photo: Vicki Mullen